Student Impact Coaches work with students individually, providing guidance based on each student’s strengths, study skills, level of engagement, past performance, and academic plans and goals. Coaches encourage achievement of goals through self-assessment, reflection, and connection to campus and community resources.

Sherria Ards, Student Impact Coach
[email protected]

Sherria has served as a coach on Scott Northern Wake Campus for five years.  She enjoys encouraging the diverse students she works with at Wake Tech to achieve their goals, despite their challenges. 

Michael Eure Podcast

Michael Eure, Student Impact Coach
[email protected]
919-532-5917 (office)
919-215-0863 (cell)

While serving as a Student Impact Coach at Wake Technical Community College, Michael strives to actively listen to students while collaboratively developing goals, including an Academic Success Plan.  He also connects individuals to a wide range of campus, community, and cultural resources, which can be catalysts to help achieve academic and personal goals.

Robin Griffin, Student Impact Coach
[email protected]

Robin Griffin is a native of Maryland and previously worked at the Wake Tech RTP campus. She enjoys making impactful connections with students and the campus community. She also is a foodie, a big fan of food trucks, and happy to share restaurant recommendations.

Student Impact Coaches promote a positive and successful learning experience for students, to improve retention, completion, and success.