Academic Success Centers

Wake Tech’s Academic Success Centers offer comfortable and inviting spaces where students can study, build skills and develop ideas, collaborate with other students, and engage with faculty. Each of the centers has a specific focus – STEM, reading, writing, math, communications, social sciences, foreign language, and the humanities  – and provides valuable resources and support aimed at helping students complete their programs of study successfully.  

Students are required to present a current Wake Tech ID card to use the Academic Success Centers. 
Visit Center links (if available) for details.

Foreign language

FLC (Foreign Language Center)

  • Southern Wake Campus
  • Scott Northern Wake Campus
  • Online

The FLC serves students in curriculum foreign language courses – Spanish and French – who need individualized instruction in a supportive tutorial environment. The FLC helps students understand course content; practice and build skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing; and improve study methods. It also provides remedial assistance via campus workshops and the online FLC. Wake Tech faculty with special training in foreign language instruction staff the center.

Transitional math

AMP (Accelerated Math Program) Centers 
The AMP Centers for developmental math provide one-on-one instruction, administer tests and quizzes, and offer opportunities for students to collaborate with peers. Students can also visit the centers to complete online assignments, with instructors on site to help.

Fridays, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

Southern Wake Campus
Holding Hall, Room 126

Scott Northern Wake Campus
Building F, Room 415

Social sciences

SSRC (Social Sciences Resource Center) 

  • Southern Wake Campus
  • Scott Northern Wake Campus
  • Online

The SSRC is a welcoming space for Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology students to study, collaborate, network or get faculty input about courses and programs of study.


SPEAK (Speech Preparation Essentials and Knowledge) Center

  • Southern Wake Campus
  • Scott Northern Wake Campus 

The SPEAK Center offers free assistance to communications students in the creation and delivery of effective oral presentations, helping them build confidence and improve grades. Communications faculty are on-site in the SPEAK Center to provide tutoring and support.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Centers

  • Southern Wake Campus 
  • Scott Northern Wake Campus
  • Perry Health Sciences Campus

The STEM Centers offer drop-in tutoring, advising, and career exploration and guidance for students in STEM courses. The centers also provide opportunities for students to interact with faculty and peers in a comfortable, collaborative environment, sharing ideas and supporting each other in the study of STEM courses.


  • Southern Wake Campus
  • Scott Northern Wake Campus

STEM labs offer computers, software, and whiteboards to provide hands-on experience in problem-solving, project planning, and troubleshooting.

STEM lab for undergraduate research
This facility is on Scott Northern Wake Campus and supports undergraduate research with space and equipment for sustained research projects, including computers, a 3D printer, microscopes and stereoscopes, a prep room for storing and preparing chemicals and conference space. Faculty mentors work with students.


Visual Art Success & Engagement Center

The purpose of the VASE (Visual Art Success and Engagement) Center is to provide students in the Associate in Fine Arts-Visual Art Program a forum to enhance and strengthen their educational experience in the AFA in the Visual Art program at Wake Tech.

VASE hours vary due to faculty and studio availability. AFA-Visual Art students are advised to check the VASE Blackboard Shell for information on VASE sponsored workshops.   

Open studio

AFA Art faculty will be available during the following times and locations. AFA-Students are invited to:

  • Engage with ART faculty and peers to enrich their shared academic experience in visual art;
  • Expand on material covered in classes;
  • Collaborate and work together on art studio projects;
  • Network with faculty, students, and artists in the community to gain insight into the professional visual art field;
  • Receive individual feedback on their artwork from instructors who are practicing artists, or art historians.


REAL (Rhetoric, Exposition, Argumentation, and Literature) Center ● Virtual REAL Center

  • Southern Wake Campus
  • Scott Northern Wake Campus

The REAL Center assists students in curriculum-level English courses who need extra help with writing and understanding course concepts. English faculty are on site to help students organize assignments, brainstorm ideas, follow MLA rules and more. The Virtual REAL Center offers Blackboard-based resources, such as grammar and MLA hotlines, virtual tutoring via email and real-time tutoring via Skype.