Student Log In Help for Online Courses


Usernames to access Wake Tech's online courses and services include initials for first and middle names and last name.


Suzie Q. Public's Key Account username would be sqpublic.


  • Omit the hyphen for hyphenated last names.
  • Married female students may need to replace the middle initial with the initial of their maiden name. (Mrs. Suzie Q. Student Online would log in with sqsonline.
  • Sequential numbers will be automatically added to duplicate usernames.


Passwords must include at least eight characters. Do not use the following symbols, $ ! <> & { } * ~ " ‘ < > + = [ ], or more than two consecutive letters from your name.

Include three of the following character types:

  • Uppercase letters (A-Z)
  • Lowercase letters (a-z)
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Acceptable symbols @ # % ; : -

Key Accounts