ESL Information

Who can take the English classes?

Our English as a Second Language (ESL) program provides English instruction to adult non-native English speaking residents who are living and/or working in the U.S. with a focus on college and career readiness skills. The ESL program does not admit tourists and does not offer student visas or academic credit for attending our ESL classes.

Where are the classes located?

We are located in Raleigh, North Carolina, with 11 locations throughout Wake County.

When are the classes offered?

We have morning, afternoon, and evening classes, as well as a distance education and weekend option. We also offer citizenship preparation classes.

Where can I register for ESL classes?

After choosing a location, students should go to that site on the advertised registration date.

How can I register for ESL classes?

Students should go to the school where they would like to study, on an advertised registration date.
Arrive early for a prompt start time as late arrivals will not be accepted.

Can I register online for ESL classes?

Students need to register in person; we cannot register students online for ESL classes.

Can I register someone else for the class?

No. Students need to register themselves for the ESL classes.

How long does registration take?

Registration can take between 2 ½ to 3 hours. Children are not allowed at registration.

What happens during registration?

Students complete registration paperwork, see a short presentation about the program, and take placement tests.

How do I know my English level?

Students will be given speaking and reading/writing placement tests during registration to determine class level.

What if I don’t speak ANY English?

Welcome! We have six levels of English classes for non-speakers through advanced levels at most locations. Classes are for students who want to learn English to get a job or go to college.

When does the class end?

The length of the term varies by location. Classes are typically 10+ weeks long.

Can I attend ESL class one or two days per week?

Our classes meet four or five days per week and daily attendance is expected.
Since learning a language takes time and commitment, students are required to attend class a minimum of 75% from registration to the end of the term.

What if I can’t attend class regularly?

We have many learning options including Distance Education and a Student Support Lab, as well as classes for advanced non-native English speakers.

What if I am looking for English as a Foreign Language?

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) is a curriculum program at Wake Tech designed to develop the academic English skills of college-level students who wish to study in the United States. There are admission requirements and tuition fees for these classes. Credit and Academic Visas are available. For more information, access or contact Michael Jones at [email protected] or 919-866-5627.

What classes do you have for a student visiting the United States for a short time?

Beyond the Basics is a series of advanced English classes designed for non-native English speakers.  Areas of focus include Advanced Conversation and Fluency, Pronunciation, Business Writing, and Interpersonal Skills for the Workplace (negotiating, problem-solving, decision making, and nonverbal communication).  Classes typically meet once per week for eight weeks, and there is a small fee.  To find the next available class, visit and type “Beyond the Basics” into the search box. For registration or more information, please contact Susan Ballard at [email protected] or 919-334-1536. 

Who can I talk to about enrolling in Wake Tech for college credit and help with visas?

Wake Tech has students from all over the world and has an office devoted to assisting them.  Visit to learn more about obtaining a student visa, admissions and curriculum classes.