Custom Instructional Design Services

The eLearning Support and Instructional Design team works with individual departments to provide custom services that are discipline-specific and support their online programs. Let's work together to research and identify pedagogical and technological solutions to support your department's online teaching goals. If you have a specific need, let us know, and we will work together to support the delivery of excellent online education.

Custom group training
Have you attended a helpful online or seated training session and think the information would be beneficial to your colleagues? eLSID can customize any of our current training sessions to fit your department's specific needs and subject matter, so participants leave the training with practical ways to improve their courses.
Ed tech support
Excited about all the new educational technologies out there, but unsure of if you can use them in your online course? Send eLSID the educational tech you are interested in and let us handle creating student scaffolding supports and accessibility checks so you can focus on teaching.
Instructional design support
Overwhelmed with designing your online course or struggling with aligning course material with learning outcomes? Perhaps you're excited about creating a new assignment or project, but you're unsure of what steps to take. eLSID's instructional designers are happy to assist you with any aspect of your course, from entire course redesigns to working on just one aspect of one assignment.
LMS support
Are you interested in learning more about Blackboard? We can help. Meet with our eLearning technologists to learn how to use all the tools in the LMS to better support students and simplify course facilitation.
Accessibility support
Creating accessible course content provides equal opportunities for all students to learn. eLSID's accessibility technologists and designers can work with you to create new accessible assignments, retroactively make older assignments more inclusive or help create accommodations to guarantee all students have access to learning.


Email [email protected] for additional information.