Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps secure your Key Account by adding another layer of protection if your account is compromised.

To add MFA to your account, you can either use a Microsoft Authenticator app, which is the recommended method, or set your phone up to receive a confirmation text or call.

Managing MFA methods

Once you have set up MFA for your Key Account, you can add, delete or change the method used by going to My Security Info. You can also get there by logging in to on the student portal, clicking on your name at the top right, selecting "View account" and then clicking "Update Info" on the Security Info tile.

Once there, you can click on "Add sign-in method" if you want another MFA option. A drop-down menu will open, and you can simply select the one you want, click "Add" and follow the instructions.

Click on the Sign-in MethodSelect Add from the Dropdown menu

To delete an option, simply click the "Delete" link next to the one you want to remove, and a pop-up window will open for you to confirm that you want to delete it.

Select Delete Option on the method you want to delete

To change your default MFA method, click the "Change" link on your existing default option, and a drop-down menu will open showing your registered MFA methods. Select the method you want to be your default and click "Confirm."

Select the method and then click the “Confirm” button

If you cannot access any of your MFA methods, contact the ITS Helpdesk at 919-866-7000 or [email protected] to have your MFA methods reset.