REAL Center

Rhetoric – Exposition – Argumentation – Literature

If you’re taking a curriculum-level English class, get support from our expert Wake Tech English department faculty, who offer three dynamic tutoring options in the following areas:

  • All ENG concepts and assignments
  • Audience and writing situation analysis
  • Idea development
  • Organization
  • Structure and paragraph development
  • Transitions
  • Introductions and conclusions
  • Thesis statements and topic sentences
  • Research and documentation (MLA and APA)
  • Identifying and understanding grammar errors
  • Grammatical accuracy
  • Style and tone
  • ...And more

Tutoring options

REAL Center (in-person)

In-person tutoring is especially helpful if you’re taking on-campus classes or like to discuss your work face-to-face. The REAL Center offers 25-minute, on-campus tutoring sessions at the following locations:

  • Southern Wake Campus, Building B, Room 392
  • Scott Northern Wake Campus, Building E, Room 230

No appointments are necessary, but hours of operation vary depending on tutor availability.

Virtual REAL Center (email)

This option is especially helpful if you like to go back and review written feedback or if your busy schedule makes appointments difficult.

Email the following files to [email protected]:

  • Your draft
  • Copy of assignment instructions (not the grading rubric or assignment checklist)
  • Completed Submission Form (opens in Word)

We’ll review your draft and return feedback to you via email. Please allow one business day to receive feedback after we accept your submission. You may receive your feedback after business hours.

NOTE: Upload files as attachments to your email. Please use .docx or .rtf files only. No PDFs, SharePoint, OneDrive or Google links.

Virtual REAL Center (video chat)

Video chat tutoring offers the best of both worlds. Make an appointment to discuss your writing "face-to-face" with a tutor via Microsoft Teams. It’s a great option for learners who like to interact and discuss in real time, but can’t make it to campus.

NOTE: Hours of operation vary depending on tutor availability.

Tips for using the centers

  • Plan in advance. Be sure to leave enough time for tutoring AND revisions before your assignment is due.
  • We can review a single assignment up to three times.
  • We can help you understand grammar rules, but we’re not able to proofread or "mark up" papers.
  • If you can’t make a scheduled appointment, please cancel, reschedule, or let us know in advance by email. In fairness to all students, multiple "no show" appointments may limit your ability to use our services.
  • We won’t comment on what grade you might earn. Students are responsible for making corrections to their work and contacting their instructor with grading questions.
  • For each tutoring session, we spend about 25 minutes on your assignment. You may need to use our service more than once to have all of your concerns addressed.
  • Unfortunately, we’re not open on weekends or college holidays/closings.


We’re here to help! Email [email protected].