Dental Hygiene Transfer Student/Restart Policy

Students who have exited an American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation (ADA CODA) accredited program in good standing (passing all courses with a "C" average or higher) will be considered for restart or transfer into the Wake Tech Dental Hygiene program, if space is available.

Students dismissed from another program academically may be considered for admission, but a point penalty may be incurred in the competitive process during the first three years after leaving the prior program. Students dismissed for administrative reasons from any program are deemed ineligible in the competitive admissions process. Examples of possible reasons for administrative dismissal include:

  • Student is determined to be a threat to patients
  • Academic integrity policy is violated
  • Violations in professionalism or ethics occur, such as forging patient records
  • Destroying clinic equipment

Students who wish to attend Wake Tech’s Dental Hygiene program who have previously attended Wake Tech or another ADA CODA accredited program must complete the following steps:

  • Apply to Wake Tech
  • Meet the minimum admissions criteria for the program
  • Be competitive with the current admissions pool. Points may be deducted during the competitive process, depending on the reason for leaving the former program.
  • Submit a written letter of request for restarting or transferring with the Dental Hygiene application. In the letter, provide an explanation describing the reason a restart/transfer is being sought. In addition, include a letter from the department head or clinic coordinator of the program you are exiting describing the situation surrounding the exit from the program.
    If the reason is due to a medical condition, a letter from the doctor indicating that a medical problem exists(ed) should also be submitted. No specific information should be provided, simply verification that a medical problem prohibited your completion of the former program at that time (the condition could now be resolved).
    If the reason is due to a spouse's job transfer, documentation of proof of job transfer is needed.
  • Provide copies of all transcripts to be evaluated along with course descriptions of all dental-related courses. Unofficial copies are fine for initial review, but they must be followed by official copies sent to Wake Tech.
    If students are accepted into the program, a formal evaluation of transcripts will occur to determine advanced standing and acceptance of transfer courses utilizing the policies noted in the Dental Hygiene Student Policy Manual.

Acceptance is based on the above criteria being met and space availability. The department reserves the right to contact the former program to verify the accuracy of information provided prior to making a decision regarding acceptance.