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About the Foundation
Absences for religious observances
Academic Advising
Academic Foundations courses
Academic integrity policy
Academic recognition
Academic standing levels
Acceptable Use Policy
Add, audit and withdrawal policies
Admissions and registration
Adult Basic Education
Adult High School diploma
Advanced Placement (AP) credit
Advanced placement options for Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Associate Degree Nursing (ADN): LPN to ADN advanced placement option
Attendance policy
Attorney involvement in proceedings
BioNetwork Capstone Center
Business and industry equivalencies
Campus Police and the Clery Act
Campus Use by Students
Campuses and centers
Care Center
Career Services
Carolinas Associated General Contractors articulation agreement
Catalog Introduction
Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)
Changes in Student Data for Curriculum Students (name, address, email)
Changes to Curriculum, Fees and Other College Policies
Class locations
Clubs and organizations
College & Career Readiness Ability to Benefit Policy
College & Career Readiness programs
College & Career Readiness Programs
College goals
College ID
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) credit
College memberships
Community and career education
Computer Concepts
Contact admissions
Contact information
Continuous enrollment
Copyright Infringement and Intellectual Property
Core values
Course registration
Course repetition
Curriculum class schedules
Curriculum Programs of Study
Curriculum registration dates
DANTES Standardized Subject Tests
Department and special course challenge exams
Disability discrimination
Disability Support Discrimination
Disability Support Services (DSS)
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Emergency Closings
Emergency Exit Procedures
English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Enrollment requirements
Enrollment status
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Center
Equal access
Faculty credentials and academic directories
Final student conduct appeals process
Financial aid application
Financial aid for students with disabilities
Financial aid for transfer students
Food and Drink
Foreign language placement testing
General Information
General Information
Grade forgiveness
Grade posting by faculty
Grade requirements to graduate
Grading policy
Here to help
Here to help!
High school articulation agreement
High School Equivalency Preparation (HSEP)
High School Equivalency Program (HEP)
Individualized Learning Centers (ILC)
International Baccalaureate (IB) credit
International students
Joint Services Transcript (JST)
LaunchWakeCounty Community-Based Economic Development Program
Learning Management System Records Retention Schedule
Learning Management Systems Records and Retention Schedule
Library Services
Limited-enrollment programs
Lost and Found
Media Coverage of College Activities
Media Production and Learning Support Services
Medical Coding certification
Message from the President
Mission statement
Navy Articulation Agreement
Nondiscrimination Policy
Occupational Services
Off-campus Sites
Official Communication with Students
Online Learning
Open-Door Policy
Other complaints
Pathfinder Career Exploration Program
Pets on Campus
Placement testing
Prior learning
Professional Services & Vocational Training
Program approvals
Program of study changes
Program placement requirements
Programs and services
Public Safety Training
Public telephones
Publications Policy
Readmitted students
Refund policy
Registration and Records: Here to help
Residency classification
Return of Title IV funds calculation
Rights and responsibilities
SAS Base Programmer certificate
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Satisfactory Academic Progress (for financial aid recipients)
Security of student records (FERPA)
Sex Crimes Prevention Act
Smoking/Use of Tobacco Products
Solicitation Policy (Campus Presentations and Material Distribution)
Solicitation Policy (Campus Presentations and Materials Distribution)
Special notes about curriculum programs
Steps to enrollment
Student centers
Student Code of Conduct
Student completion and critical success factors
Student disability discrimination complaint
Student Dress and Hygiene
Student Government Association
Student Handbook
Student Insurance and Accidents
Student responsibilities
Student Services vision, values and mission
Threat Assessment and Violence Prevention
Title IX Policy (Sexual Discrimination, Harassment and Misconduct)
Traffic Rules and Regulations
Transcript requests
Transcripts for Incoming Students
Transcripts for incoming students
Transfer credits
Transfer policy for WCE
Tuition and fees
Vaccination policy
Veteran Affairs education benefits
Veteran Affairs Educational Benefits
Veterans Zones
Visitors and Children on Campus
WCE course descriptions
Withdrawals and refunds
Work-Based Learning
Workforce Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
Workforce Training