Current Career & College Promise Students

If you’re a current Career & College Promise (CCP) student or have previously been accepted into the program at Wake Tech, welcome back! There are fewer steps for you to enroll in classes, but here are some things you need to know about registration and completing a pathway and what to do as you approach high school graduation.


Print enrollment and eligibility checklists

Complete Continuing Student Form

A continuing student form and current, updated high school transcript are both required to remain enrolled. Prior to starting your form, review the CCP Continuing Student Form User Manual. Also, ensure all information and email addresses are correct before submitting.

NOTE: Students applying for Summer and Fall terms should submit two Continuing Student Forms – one each for Summer 2023 and Fall 2023.

Wake County Public School System students can find email addresses for their high school principal/designee to include on their Continuing Student form on the Resources and Links page.

Check admission status

CCP staff can help students check or validate the status of their form either in person or online.

Students whose form has been approved will receive a "clearance" email informing them that they can register for courses. Students who are notified that their form is incomplete will need to review the instructions provided in the email correspondence.

Review course registration onboarding

Current CCP students should review the course registration onboarding presentation before course registration.

Register for classes

Students need to submit a Change of Status form before registering if they are completing a pathway and want to take courses from the broader parent program or want to change their pathway. Email [email protected] or set up a virtual advising appointment to get the form.

Remember, CCP students are allowed to take only courses within their approved pathway(s), as well as within allowable credits and program-specific restrictions. Students who register for courses outside of their approved pathways will be dropped from those courses.

CCP staff will send a reminder email when registration time approaches, so students can log in to Self-Service and register.

Course Request forms are available from CCP staff for any student who wants or needs to add classes after the registration period has ended. Submitting the form does not guarantee enrollment in a course, however. Students will be notified if their request is approved.

Remember to check class schedules near the start date for class to make sure no courses have been dropped by a department.

Completing a pathway

CCP students who are completing a pathway need to email [email protected] to obtain a Change of Status form. Students can continue to take classes in the larger degree aligned with the pathway, but they should meet with a CCP advisor to determine which courses are available.

Students in a Career and Technical Education pathway should contact Registration and Student Records to apply for any certificate or diploma they may have earned.

Students in a College Transfer pathway are not awarded a credential for completing their pathway, but if they've earned enough credits for an associate degree, they can be awarded that degree. They should meet with a CCP advisor to ensure the degree has been completed, and they can then apply to Registration and Student Records to obtain the degree.

Graduating from high school

Any CCP student who is graduating high school and plans to continue as a Wake Tech student needs to complete all the general admissions steps, including submitting a high school transcript.

Mid-year graduates should notify CCP staff of their expected graduation by November 1 each year. May graduates should do so by April 15, and June graduates by May 1.

Be sure to attend CCP Transition Day, where staff from Admissions, Academic Advising, Registration and Records and Financial Aid can provide important information. Students who attend will have priority registration when signing up for classes.

Graduating CCP students who are forgoing the Spring term as a CCP student but plan to attend as traditional students need to schedule a virtual appointment or email [email protected] to be exited from the program.