The ILC works together with instructors to ensure student success in their classes. If a student is having difficulty, instructors are encouraged to refer him or her to the ILC for individual tutorial assistance. Instructors can identify specific areas the student needs help with and be assured that ILC staff will focus on those areas.

Students do not need a referral and may visit the ILC anytime they wish to have support for their courses.

Faculty Referral Procedure

Faculty may refer students in the following two ways:

  • Submit the electronic referrals sent to your email within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Initiate a referral by completing the referral form below. The Student should bring the signed referral to the ILC on the first visit.

Referral Form PDF

Download Free Adobe PDF Reader from ADOBE (opens in a new window)

FERPA Statement: ILC faculty are allowed to review, record, and track student information according to the FERPA guidelines: “Faculty and administrative officers of the College who demonstrate a legitimate educational need will be permitted to look at the official student record of a particular student.” For more information, please review the full FERPA policy in the College Catalogue or reach out to HR with questions.

Counselor Referrals

The Individualized Learning Center does not provide help with preparing for college entrance placement tests. Wake Tech recommends students take sample tests in writing, reading, and math before taking the placement test by visiting the Wake Tech Admission Testing Center webpage

If you have questions, please contact: Kay Ruth [email protected].