Fiber Optics

Leading wireless and cable companies in North Carolina are using the fiber optic technology to improve their long-distance phone call, cable TV and Internet services. Build the skills for employment as a technician in the network cabling industry. Learn about telecommunications and the fundamentals of fiber optic cable systems, perform a mechanical splice, calculate a system loss budget and construct, test and troubleshoot cabling systems with electronic equipment.

Industry-recognized credential(s): Certified Fiber Optic Technician

Complete in: 6 months or less

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Certified Fiber Optic Technician Training (CFOT)TCT-3102A71 available classes
Build the skills for entry-level employment as a technician in a Fiber Optic or Telecommunications company. This course covers the fundamental principles of fiber optics – technology, cable termination, networks, splicing procedures, troubleshooting, and testing equipment. Y...
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