Automotive Technician

If you like fixing cars and trucks, a career as an automotive technician may be right for you. The automotive industry is seeking mechanical problem-solvers who enjoy working with their hands and understand the new technology involved in maintaining and repairing today's vehicles.

The median wage for automotive technicians and mechanics is $22.54 an hour – or $46,860 a year. Future career opportunities include electrical vehicle technicians, aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians, automotive body and glass repairers, diesel service technicians and mechanics, heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technicians, and small-engine mechanics.

For the skills you need to get started in the industry as an automotive technician, take the first step by enrolling in our Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair course. The course is taught in person and allows successful participants to earn up to four industry recognized certifications.

Financial assistance available

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Course details and registration information

Automotive Maintenance and Light RepairAUT-3137A71 available classes
This prerequisite course introduces students to workplace safety in the automotive shop and covers hazards such as fire, airborne gases, bloodborne pathogens, and chemicals. It also includes the safe operation of shop equipment, such as automotive lifts and oxygen-acetylene...
Basic Auto MaintenanceAUT-3137G3
Learn skills for entry-level automotive service positions in oil and lube maintenance, and gain confidence for the job market. The course will cover automotive systems, driving safety, working in a bay area environment, customer service, service managers’ expectations and ca...
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