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Interviewing Preparation SkillsHRD-3001AG21 available classes
When it comes to interviewing, preparation is the key to success! Learn the best strategies to ensure you are ready for all phases of an interview. Through practical exercises, you will learn what to do before an interview, how to respond to behavioral questions, use effecti...
Intro to Back End Software Engineering by [email protected] TechSEF-3001OZ21 available classes
This course provides those who are familiar with the fundamentals of JavaScript and Git version control with back end web application development skills. Participants will use a hands-on, interactive training approach to develop a web application with Node.js, learn about it...
Intro to Early EducationABE-INTCH1 available classes
This course is intended to introduce learners to the field of Early Childhood Education. The course will provide introductory experience of what it is like to be a teacher and what it would be like to be a student preparing for a career in Early Childhood Education. In add...
Intro to Medical SonographySON-3100A31 available classes
This course is designed to provide an introduction to Medical Sonography. Topics include applications, terminology, history, patient care, ethics, and basic skills. Upon completion, students should also be able to define sonographic applications, basic patient care skills,...
Intro to PHP & MySQLCSC-3110AFE1 available classes
Learn how to create dynamic, interactive Web sites using PHP and a MySQL database server.
Intro to SQLCSC-3110AEE1 available classes
Gain a solid working knowledge of the most powerful and widely used database programming language. 
Introduction to Business AnalysisMLS-3810DE1 available classes
Learn powerful techniques to improve your decision-making skills at work.
Introduction to C++ ProgramingCSC-3110CDE1 available classes
Learn how to program the easy way in C . Introduction to C Programming is a project-oriented course taught by a master programming instructor and published author. You'll get right to programming in this course--even if you have no prior programming experience! Before you...
Introduction to Criminal LawCJC-5010AE1 available classes
If you like Law and Order and CSI, you'll love this class! Step into the world of prosecutors and defense attorneys and explore the criminal justice system from the inside out. The dynamic instructor - a former major-felony prosecutor who has appeared on Court TV - will take...
Introduction to Java ProgrammingCSC-3110BAE1 available classes
An experienced Java programmer introduces important Java topics with clear, step-by-step instructions.