Career Pathways Program & Student Resources
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What is the Workforce Continuing Education Career Pathways Program & Student Resources?

Employers in today’s workforce are facing a skills gap; they need trained and qualified workers to fill a variety of positions. The Career Pathways Program & Student Resources is designed for non-degree students to earn industry-recognized credentials through an accelerated training schedule. Program Participants are offered support services, such as career coaching, scholarship opportunities, and referrals — services traditionally reserved for degree-seeking students

What can I expect?

Career Pathways Program & Student Resources is a strategy designed to develop your academic, technical and employability skills. We offer services and resources to assist you in overcoming challenges that may impede your successful completion of a course, credential attainment, and transition (back) into the workforce.

Get started! 

Browse our training clusters and then set up an appointment to meet with a Career Coach! Get started by calling us at 919-866-5853 or by emailing us.

When you successfully complete your training, we can connect you with local employers and career opportunities.