At Wake Tech, students have a variety of opportunities for gaining valuable work experience while pursuing educational credentials. One such opportunity is Work-Based Learning, the term used in North Carolina to describe experiential education, including cooperative education, internships, and practicums. Internships do not allow students to earn curriculum credit.

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Students in Work-Based Learning programs have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom with paid, supervised, practical work experiences, directly related to their fields of study. They typically work part-time, from 10 to 30 hours per week (depending on credit hours to be earned) while attending school and earning academic credit.

This combination is a meaningful way for students to explore career choices and become better prepared for the job market after graduation.

During the work experience and at its completion, employers evaluate students on the established learning objectives and the following employability competencies:

  • Communication - the ability to effectively exchange ideas and information with others through oral, written, or visual means.
  • Interpersonal Skills and Teamwork – the ability to work effectively with others, especially to analyze situations, establish priorities, and apply resources for solving problems or accomplishing tasks.
  • Problem-solving – the ability to identify problems and potential causes while developing and implementing practical action plans for solutions.
  • Information Processing – the ability to acquire, evaluate, organize, manage, and interpret information.

The Employer Site Supervisor will be asked to sign these forms:

1. The student will complete the Measurable Learning Objectives for their employer's supervisor's signature.

2. Both the main and secondary supervisors will sign the Work-Based Learning Agreement.  

3. Supervisor will complete the Employer's Final Evaluation of Student

4. At the mid-term site visit by the Wake Tech representative, supervisor will sign the Work-Based Learning Mid-Term Site Visit Report