Visiting Students Admissions Procedures

Follow these simple steps to take a class at Wake Tech:

  • Activate your Wake Tech Key Account  Select the blue “Degree, Diploma, or Certificate PROGRAMS Activate Key Account" icon. Go through the checklist, then click the red "Ready to Activate Account" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Complete the  Pre-Requisite Approval Form (If a course has pre-requisites that you have already completed, you must provide a transcript for verification. Transcripts may be attached to the Pre-Requisite Approval Form upon submission) Upon submission of the form and review, decisions and follow-up instructions will be sent to your Wake Tech Student Email.

To find out if a course has prerequisites:

  1. Visit (no login required)
  2. Search and Select Course Subject (e.g. ACC)
  3. Scroll down to desired Course Number/Name (e.g. ACC-130)
  4. View "Requisites" section under the course description
  • Request Transcript(s) to be sent from your college/university or high school to prove course pre-requisites. 
  • Submit the Pre-requisite Form and your Transcripts in one of these ways:
  1. Electronically by logging into
  2. In person by visiting an advisor at Southern Wake, Western Wake, Scott Northern Wake, Perry Health Sciences or Public Safety Education campuses.
  • Prepare for Online Classes 
    Students must complete the eLearning Intro Online Learning Readiness Assessment before registering for an online course. Find out more on the eLearning Intro page.
  • Select your Class(es), Register and Pay Tuition 
    Plan your courses, then select register, and pay for classes via Self Service   (If your residency was completed some time ago it may be expired.  Check your Residency Determination Service account to ensure the residency number (RCN) expiration date is after the first day of classes for your desired term.)

Need Assistance?

Reach out through the Virtual Support Center.