External Event & Conference Services Contacts

Southern Wake Campus

Wes Harlow
Event Coordinator
[email protected] | 919-866-5272

Fred Latimore
Event General Technician
[email protected] | 919-866-5529

Scott Northern Wake Campus

Treva Aiken
Event Coordinator
[email protected] | 919-532-5949

James Jones
Event General Technician
[email protected] | 919-532-5894

RTP Campus

Manon Bradley
Director of Campus Services
[email protected] | 919-335-1282

Western Wake Campus

Dasha Ostrova
Director of Campus Services
[email protected] | 919-335-1021

Perry Health Sciences Campus

Maya Budihardjo
Director of Campus Services, Events
[email protected] | 919-747-0015

Public Safety Education Campus

Allison Norris
Administrative Coordinator
[email protected] | 919-866-6114

Beltline Education Center

Michael Schneider
BEC Director of Center Services, Events
[email protected] | 919-334-1523