Emergency Procedures

Emergencies Dial 919-866-5911

Wake Tech Warn Signup Button

Active Shooter

- Have an escape route and plan in mind
- Leave your belongings behind
- Keep your hands visible

- Lock and barricade doors
- Turn off lights and silence cell phones
- Do not huddle together, spread out

- Fighting is the last resort only to be used when your life is in imminent danger
- Attempt to incapacitate the active shooter
- Find an object to use as a weapon such as a chair, fire extinguisher or items in your classroom or office

Information you should provide the 9-1-1 Operator:
- Your exact location
- Location of the shooter if you know it
- Number of shooters if more than one
- Description of the shooters
- Number and type of weapons involved
- Number of potential victims

When Law Enforcement arrives:
- Remain calm and follow all officers instructions
- Raise your hands and keep them visible at all times
- Avoid making quick movements towards the officers


Emergency Alerts:

WAKE TECH WARN is an emergency alert system designed to inform and instruct the campus community in case of an emergency on or near Wake Tech grounds. This site is updated continuously to make sure you have the latest information. In the event of an emergency or inclement weather situation, WAKE TECH WARN will notify you in the following ways:
- Wake Tech Warn Signup Button
- Email
- Text message
- Voicemail

Current students and employees of Wake Tech are automatically registered for Wake Tech Warn email alerts. Login with your key account username and password to add another email address or phone number. Parents and community members can also sign up for Wake Tech Warn.

In addition to WAKE TECH WARN, the college will issue important safety alerts in the following ways:
- Banner on the Home page of the website
- Alerts to campus computers that are logged onto by employees
- Announcements via local media, social media

Bomb Threats

- Remain calm.
- If the threat is received by telephone and you have caller ID, record the incoming phone number.
- Do not move or touch suspicious packages and note their location for authorities.
- Report threat to Campus Police at 919-866-5911
- Campus Police will decide when and if to evacuate or summon outside assistance.
- To avoid panic, do not announce the call to other occupants of the building.

Building Fire

- Remain calm.
- Fire alarms may be activated manually at pull stations or automatically by sensors
- Any person who sees smoke or fire in a building should immediately activate the fire alarm.
- DO NOT use elevators when evacuating.
- Staff and faculty should direct students and guests out of the building at the closest, safe, unblocked - exit.
- Close doors as you evacuate.
- Assist any persons with disabilities during an evacuation.
- Move to a safe location at least 300 feet away from the building.
- Call campus police after evacuating – 919-866-5911
- Do not re-enter the building until cleared to do so by proper authorities.

Disruptive or Distressed Individual

If you feel threatened or endangered, call Campus Police at 919-866-5911 or 9-1-1.

Disruptive Behavior is behavior that interferes with students, faculty or staff and their access to appropriate educational or work environment.

Examples may include:
- Yelling or screaming
- Persistent and unreasonable demands for time and attention
- Words or actions that intimidate or harass others
- Words or actions that cause another to fear for his/her personal safety
- Threats of physical assault

If you are NOT concerned for your immediate safety or that of others you may contact the following one or more of the following for assistance:
- Campus Police – 919-866-5911
- Behavioral Assessment Team (Karen Phinazee, 919-334-1591 or Jonathan Wirt, 919-532-5663)
- Dean of Student Development/Conduct Officer (Mark Gibson, 919-866-5404)
- Student Wellness Services – 919-532-5575
- National Suicide Prevention Hotline – 1-800-273-8255


- Evacuate the building if time permits
- Move to an open space, away from objects that may fall
- If you must remain inside move to a door frame, under a table or sit on the floor against an interior wall.
- Cover your head and eyes with your arms.
- Be prepared for aftershocks.
- Report the location of injured people to campus police (919-866-5911)

Elevator Safety

- If stuck in an elevator, try to remain calm.
- Use the elevator emergency call button to alert officials of your location.
- If there is no answer or service call Campus Police at 919-866-5911 or call 9-1-1
- If the elevator is stuck between floors, do not attempt to exit.

Evacuation Procedures

- Remain Calm
- Move quickly and quietly to a safe distance from the building
- Staff and faculty are responsible for directing students and guests a safe distance from the building
DO NOT use elevators when evacuating
- Take the shortest route to an exit unless it is blocked by fire, debris or other hazards
- If requested, accompany and assist persons with disabilities.
- Do not re-enter the building until cleared to do so by proper authorities.

Medical Emergencies

- Contact campus police at 919-866-5911.

- Unless trained, do not render assistance above basic first aid
- Do not leave the victim unattended
- Do not give the victim anything to eat or drink.

- Campus police will direct Emergency Personnel to the location.
- Advise EMS of the circumstances of the injury or illness.

Reporting Emergencies or Crimes

- Call Campus Police – 919-866-5911
- Call 9-1-1
- Activate a Blue Light Phone when in parking or walking areas

- Try to remain calm
- Speak slowly and clearly
- Try to provide all the information possible to the dispatcher
- Remain on the phone with the dispatcher
- Instruct someone to meet emergency personnel and escort them to the incident

Severe Weather/Tornado

- Severe storms or tornado can develop quickly and without warning.
- Campus Police monitor the weather and will alert the school through Wake Tech Warn.

- In the event of a tornado or severe thunderstorm:

Go to the lowest area possible in the building
Move to the center of the room or in a stairwell
Close doors upon leaving your room
Stay away from exterior windows, hanging objects or large open rooms.
DO NOT use elevators
Contact campus police and provide your location at 919-866-5911

Shelter in Place

- Remain calm.
- Shelter in place is used when there are hazards outside a building such as severe weather, chemical spills or other emergencies.
- Stay inside the building until further directed by Campus Police
- Stay away from windows, exterior doors, and areas that have large roof spans, such as gymnasiums.
- Remain sheltered until cleared to do so by proper authorities.