Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit Policy

How do I get started?

  • Submit your official college transcripts as part of the Admissions process.

What type of transcript can I submit?

  • For transfer credit evaluations, we can only evaluate official transcripts (sealed and unopened) or official e-transcripts that are sent directly from the college.

Will my courses from other NC community colleges transfer to Wake Tech?

  • Generally, yes.  Refer to our transfer credit policy in our college catalog.  See the Transfer Credits section.

How are courses from other colleges evaluated?

  • Transcripts from other colleges are evaluated by the Registrar’s Office, Deans, and Department Heads.

How can I tell which courses transferred to Wake Tech?

  • Log in to Self-Service. Go to Student Planning. From the Academics menu at the top, select Transfer Credits.

Does Wake Tech accept quarter-hour courses?

  • Quarter-hour courses must be reviewed by our Deans.  The quarter hours will be converted to semester hours, and the semester hours must be equivalent to the Wake Tech course.  You may lose some credits in the conversion.

What if I want to appeal a decision on a transfer course?

If you do not receive transfer credit for a course and believe that you should have received credit, we have an appeal process.  Here are the steps for submitting an appeal:

  1. Submit form 727 Transfer Credit Evaluation / Re-evaluation Request.
  2. Attach the syllabus for the specific year in which the courses were taken.
  3. Email the information to [email protected] or send it to Registration and Records.

What if I change my program of study (my major)?

  • Transfer credits may count differently in a new program of study (major).  Work with your advisor to determine whether a new evaluation of your transfer credits is needed.

What if I am not a Wake Tech student and want to know if Wake Tech will give me credits?

  1. Look in TES.
  2. If your course is not there, please email the following information to [email protected]:
  • Full Name
  • Course
  • Course Description
  • Credit Hours

Note: Students who have submitted official transcripts for evaluation receive priority.

View Possible Transfer Equivalency Information

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