Recruit Wake Tech Students and Graduates

Wake Tech has highly trained graduates ready to work for you – and students who are on their way to meet your needs – and there are several ways for you to recruit them:

Online job board – Handshake operates a free job board where you can create an account and post your available positions for more than 10,000 Wake Tech students and alumni to see.

On-campus recruiting – Streamline your recruiting efforts, connect with talented Wake Tech students and increase the visibility of your organization.

On-site job shadow day – Promote your organization's culture and work environment firsthand and let students learn about different job opportunities, experience "a day in the life" and make professional connections.

Networking nights – Meet with students one on one in a formal or informal session to discuss current opportunities and explain the necessary qualifications.

Speakers program – Visit a class or have a lunch-and-learn event to share information with students about your organization's culture and opportunities in a casual atmosphere. Space also can be provided for formal interviews, if needed.

Work-Based Learning – Co-op opportunities allow students to apply what they have learned in the classroom in an actual workplace setting. Become part of the education process and get a leg up on hiring the people you help train.

Federal Work-Study – Hire a student who needs financial assistance to complete their studies. The government pays a portion of a work-study student's wages for part-time jobs on and off campus.

Contact information

Wake Tech Staff
Ian Gibbons
Manager, Employer Connections

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Southern Wake Campus
Building A - 150J

919-866-6118  (office)

Wake Tech Staff
Lauren Bamford
Employer Relations Coordinator

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Southern Wake Campus
Building A - 150H

919-866-5584 (office)