Pre-Curriculum English

Pre-Curriculum English provides students with the prerequisite or corequisite English and reading skills required for success in a variety of curriculum courses, including English, social sciences, math, culinary, and trade courses, just to name a few. These courses provide students with the knowledge and skills required to comprehend college level texts and write appropriately for academic course requirements. Emphasis is placed on active reading and writing strategies that are effective when applied in academic and work force reading and writing situations. 

Our pre-curriculum English courses are broken into two categories:  prerequisite courses and corequisite courses.  Students needing the Transition English course, ENG 002, enroll in a one semester prerequisite course that helps prepare them for their gateway-level ENG 111 course. Students needing the English course, ENG 011, enroll in a one semester corequisite course that is paired with an ENG 111 course. These courses are taken simultaneously.

Course Descriptions

ENG-002: Transition English

This course provides an opportunity to customize foundational English content in specific areas and will include developing a growth mindset. Topics include developing the academic habits, learning strategies, social skills, and growth mindset necessary to be successful in college-level English. Upon completion, students should be able to build a stronger foundation for success in their gateway level English courses by obtaining skills through a variety of instructional strategies with emphasis placed on the most essential prerequisite knowledge.

ENG-011: Writing and Inquiry Support

This course is designed to support students in the development of skills necessary for success in ENG 111 by complementing, supporting, and reinforcing ENG 111 Student Learning Outcomes. Emphasis is placed on developing a growth mindset, expanding skills for use in active reading and writing processes, recognizing organizational relationships within texts from a variety of genres and formats, and employing appropriate technology when reading and composing texts. Upon completion, students should be able to apply active reading strategies to college-level texts and produce unified, well-developed writing using standard written English.