Salzburg, Austria

Wake Tech and Salzburg College

June 10-25, 2022

The 2-week faculty-led Summer Session offered by Wake Tech CC in cooperation with Salzburg College offers an introduction to various aspects of Austrian and European music and culture. The academic coursework emphasizes the special opportunities provided by the Austrian/Salzburg setting. Course-related field experience as well as visits to historical sites, to cultural institutions and the attendance of musical events constitute an important part of the program.

Course Offerings


This course provides an introductory survey of the major functions of management. Topics include the evolution of management, organizational environment and culture, ethics and corporate responsibility, strategic planning and decision making, entrepreneurship, managing human resources, leadership as well as innovating and changing.


This course introduces economic analysis of individual, business, and industry in the market economy. Topics include the price mechanism, supply and demand, optimizing economic behavior, costs and revenue, market structures, factor markets, income distribution, market failure, and government intervention.

Students may complete one course per session.


A variety of field trips and excursions constitute an integral part of this session’s academic program. Course-related excursions take students to various institutions and organizations throughout the region.


To maximize cultural involvement, students share a room at an Austrian student dormitory or hostel. Breakfast is included. Stores and a variety of restaurants are within easy walking distance.

Application deadline: March 1

Schedule of Events

Fri           Departure from US
Sat          Arrival in Munich OR Vienna
Sun         Departure for Salzburg

Mon        Orientation Day at Salzburg College
Tue         Regular Classes Begin
               Historical Walking Tour of Salzburg
Sat          Hiking-Trip to Picturesque Salzkammergut
Sun         Day Trip to Eagle’s Nest

Mon        Excursion to Hellbrunn Palace
Wed        Apple Strudel Baking
Fri           Final Exams
               Farewell Celebration & Concert
Sat         Departure - End of Program

A list of additional events will be provided with the detailed course outlines during orientation in Salzburg. Please note: The dates of individual events are subject to change.

Program Cost: $ 2,940 (additional day not yet calculated!)

The cost includes one course; room and meals in Salzburg and Vienna as specified; a variety of local excursions and social events; day trips to the Salzkammergut and the Eagle’s Nest. Cost does not include passport, transatlantic transportation, or international health insurance. Additional fees on behalf of Wake Tech CC apply.

Non-refundable $ 500 deposit is due upon registration.