Student Applied Benchmarking

Do you have an idea for improving your college or your community?

Participate in Student Applied Benchmarking (SAB) at Wake Tech. Become a change-maker, have an impact, engage in social entrepreneurship and develop 21st-century skills. You might even win a $1,000 scholarship!

SAB is the student component of Wake Tech’s Applied Benchmarking initiative for employees. Students identify a problem to solve or a process to improve, contact an expert to research best practices and create an innovative proposal for change.

A SAB project will include the following:

  • Identifying an issue you'd like to address or a problem you’d like to solve
  • Conducting research to find others who have successfully addressed or solved it
  • Contacting and interviewing individuals, other schools, businesses, etc., to learn about their methods
  • Developing a plan for implementing the idea or solution
  • Compiling information
  • Submitting your project

How to get started

1: Review the student process (General Guidelines). Email [email protected] with any questions.

2: Find a sponsor for your project. SAB projects require sponsorship by a Wake Tech faculty or staff member. You may contact any faculty or staff member you choose to be your sponsor or email [email protected] for a sponsor list and assistance in choosing one. Email [email protected] with the name of your project and your sponsor.

3: Take part in the Student Applied Benchmarking course in Blackboard. Sign up for the course by emailing [email protected] and asking to be enrolled. The course contains a poster template and link for submitting projects. Submission deadlines can be found on the Blackboard course.