World Languages

Wake Tech offers a variety of world languages, with levels from beginner to advanced. Friendly teachers, small class sizes and online learning options make getting started easier than ever.

Classes are available for the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Arabic

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French Beginning Part 3FLI-3714F2
Continue your journey toward French fluency with this third course in the French Beginning series. Enhance your proficiency by learning how to talk about the past and how to describe daily routines and personality traits. Learn the vocabulary of food and how to read a menu -...
French Beginning Part 4FLI-3714G2
This fourth and final course in the French Beginning series completes the foundation of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening. The course offers advanced French language concepts along with a thorough review of the series to ensure that students are ready for Fre...
French ConversationFLI-3714D2
Practice French conversation through guided, themed questions in various topic areas that will vary each time the course is offered. All discussions will be conducted in French, and it is expected that students enrolling in this course already have a foundation in basic gra...
French for TravelCSP-4000CL2
Learning basic French phrases will go a long way to making your next trip to France or French-speaking countries successful. The course focuses on the vacation traveler but is also appropriate for business travelers and those planning short-term residence (exchange students,...
French Foundations 1bCSP-4000CZ2
This beginner-level course, part two of a four-part introductory French series, is for students with some knowledge of French. The course focuses on reading and writing, grammar and syntax, communication, and culture. It includes topics such as the weather, family, and vacat...
French Intermediate Part 1FLI-3714C2
Refine and enhance your ability to communicate in French with this intermediate level course. Learn how to observe social customs in everyday discourse, read authentic texts, and write simple, compound, and complex sentences. The course is ideal for anyone pursuing greater F...
German Fundamentals Part 1FLI-3715A2
Whether you work for a German company, are planning to travel to Germany, or have an interest in German culture, we will help you get started in the right direction with your German language learning. This first class in a series provides the fundamentals of pronunciation, b...
Instant ItalianFLI-3718BE
Learn to express yourself in Italian! In this course you’ll read, hear, and practice dialogue with everyday words and learn to communicate in a variety of settings. The course will show you that learning a language is both fun and rewarding.
Instant ItalianFLI-3718AE
Learn how to express yourself in Italian! In this course, you’ll read, hear, and practice dialogues using everyday words and learn to communicate in a variety of settings. By the end of the second lesson, you will know the Italian alphabet, phonetics and pronunciation, forms...
Intermediate Conversational Spanish IFLI-3717AS2
If you have taken courses in Spanish and want to continue your study, this class is for you. Focus on listening and speaking skills within themed units. Participate actively in class. Grammar and vocabulary review are also included, but class time focuses on productive commu...
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Frequently asked questions

Isn’t it really hard for adults to learn another language?

Yes and no. Language learning requires quite a bit of time and effort. The busy lives of most adults don't allow much extra time to memorize, study and practice another language. However, the self-discipline and life experience of adult learners contribute to successful language learning. Studies show that learning another language is great exercise for our brains and can result in increased cognitive function. It’s never too late to learn another language.

Can I learn a language on my own with my phone app?

Phone apps can be great supports for learning language, especially when it comes to grammar and vocabulary. However, if we want to develop communicative competence, we need to practice speaking and listening with real people.

Is it possible to become fluent within a few months?

Most people require quite a lot of time and effort to acquire another language. The old adage "use it or lose it" was never more true than with language acquisition. Regardless of age or stage, second languages require lots of practice. The more time a person is able to devote to reading, writing, speaking and listening, the faster he or she will acquire a second language. On average, an adult learner needs approximately 18 to 24 months to acquire basic spoken fluency.

Is there a placement test for any of the languages offered?

We do not currently have a placement test available for any of our languages. If you’re not sure which level to take, we can send you a list of topics covered in each level to help you decide which class is right for you.

Will these classes transfer for high school or college credit?

The classes are all non-credit and will not count for transfer credit.

Can my child take one of the language classes?

Students must be at least 16 years old on the first day of class. Students under 18 must register in person.

How often are classes offered?

Classes begin throughout the year and do not necessarily follow a semester schedule.

The class I would like to take isn’t offered right now. Can I add my name to a notification list?

Yes. If the class you would like to take is not available, click the "Notify me when offered" button to register your email address. You will be notified as soon as a section of that class becomes available.