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Big Data and Business Analytics Part 2
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Not currently offered.
Description Course Outline Requirements Intended Audience More Details
Intended Audience
Anyone interested in learning the basics of data analytics and to utilize Excel to perform data analytics.
Data analytics has become a critical topic across the business world. Whether you work with a major corporation, small business, or non-profit entity, understanding big data and business analytics is an increasingly important and desired skill. This second course in the series of two will cover the basics of data analytics and how to special use tools built into Microsoft Excel (a common application for most work environments) to analyze data in a productive and meaningful way.
Course Objectives
  1. learn how to manage, visualize, and analyze large data sets using online tools and applications
Outline of Instruction
  1. Data Management for Big Data
    a. Storing Data Through the Cloud
    b. Connecting Data Sources to Analysis Tools and Applications
  2. Dashboard Reporting for Business Stakeholders
    a. Basics of Using Dashboard to Report Data
    b. Google Data Studio Techniques for Building Reporting Dashboards
    i. Dashboard Ease of Accessibility and Interface
    ii. Data Visualization
  3. III. Advanced Data Analysis
    a. Brief Introduction to SQL
    b. Segment/Cluster Analysis
    c. Cohort Analysis
    d. Optimization & A/B Testing
  4. IV. Incorporating All Topics into Comprehensive Analysis
Contact Hours
Industry Standard, State, or National Certification
CE to CU Articulation
Elementary-Intermediate Understanding of Excel, Data Analytics Part 1 or equivalent.
Text and Supplies Needed
Laptop with Internet Access & Microsoft Excel
Clinical Site/Special Facilities
Requirements for Successful Completion of this Course
  1. Attendance 100%
  2. Participation
Accreditation/Special Approval Requirements
Intended Audience
Anyone interested in learning the basics of data analytics and to utilize Excel to perform data analytics.
Specific Industry or Business Support Needs
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