Software Engineering by Momentum

Wake Tech has partnered with tech training leader Momentum to offer accelerated courses focused on high-demand IT skills that provide opportunities for working professionals to level up in their careers.

The courses provide instruction in both front- and back-end web application development skills, including JavaScript and Git.

Financial assistance is available.

Collaborative Software Engineering Using Agile Methods and Git by [email protected] TechSEF-3001OS2
This course is designed to help provide hands-on, interactive training in building software as a team while developing a front-end web application using skills, techniques, and technologies that are in-demand by tech companies and tech teams in other industries. Course instr...
Intro to Back End Software Engineering by [email protected] TechSEF-3001OZ2
This course provides those who are familiar with the fundamentals of JavaScript and Git version control with back end web application development skills. Participants will use a hands-on, interactive training approach to develop a web application with Node.js, learn about it...
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