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Many North Carolina towns are in need of new, trained code enforcement officers due to the increase in business and residential construction projects and because experienced inspectors are reaching retirement age.

Wake Tech offers both continuing education credits for veteran inspectors and classes aspiring inspectors need to work in the field of code inspection – building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical inspection; fire code; general contractor exam preparation; and administration classes.

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Course details and registration information

Electrical Standard Inspection Level III
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Description Course Outline Requirements Intended Audience More Details
Intended Audience
Contractors, Construction Personnel, Electricians, Home Owners, Real Estate Personnel and City, County, and State Personnel
This course is for the Electrical Level III Code Enforcement Official responsible for inspecting electrical installations in all types of construction of unlimited size. The course builds on the Electrical Levels I and II Standard Inspection courses. On completion, participants will have a better understanding of the Electrical Code of the NC Building Code and how to apply it to inspections. With successful completion of this course and the Law and Administration courses – in conjunction with other education and experience requirements specified by the NC Code Officials Qualification Board – participants will be eligible to take the Electrical Level III State examination for inspector certification.
Course Objectives
  1. ... understand the structure and requirements of the Electrical Code of the North Carolina State Building Code.
  2. ... be able to determine code compliance when evaluating applications for permits, performing site inspections and/or conducting plan reviews when applicable
Outline of Instruction
  1. Introduction to the National Electrical Code (NEC), definitions, requirements for electrical installations, use and identification of grounded conductors, branch circuits and feeders
  2. Grounding and bonding, surge arrestor, wiring methods, conductors for general wiring, cabinets, cutout boxes, and meter socket enclosures
  3. Auxiliary gutters, multi-outlet assembly, surface metal raceways, surface nonmetallic raceways, concealed knob-and-tube wiring, flexible cords and cables and fixture wires
  4. Lighting systems operating at 30 volts or less, appliances, fixed electric space-heating equipment, motors, motor circuits and controllers, air conditioning and refrigerating equipment
  5. Review and final exam
Contact Hours
Industry Standard, State, or National Certification
North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board
Website URL
Certification Learning Outcomes/Requirements
  1. Upon successful completion of this class and in conjunction with other requirements as set forth by the North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board, students will be able to sit for the Electrical Standard Level lll exam.
  2. Upon successfully passing the State exam and by complying with the rules as stated in Section 11 NCAC 08.0706 of the North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board Regulations, a standard certificate will be issued.
CE to CU Articulation
Text and Supplies Needed
2017 National Electrical Code Handbook or then latest version
Clinical Site/Special Facilities
Requirements for Successful Completion of this Course
  1. Attendance 90% or above
  2. Participation
  3. Minimum passing score of 70% on end of course exam
Accreditation/Special Approval Requirements
North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board Accredited School
North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board Approved Coursework
North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board Certified Instructor and
Successful completion of an instructor training workshop conducted by the North Carolina Code Officials Qualification Board
Intended Audience
Contractors, Construction Personnel, Electricians, Home Owners, Real Estate Personnel and City, County, and State Personnel
Specific Industry or Business Support Needs
Electrical Inspectors, Home Inspectors, Real Estate Professionals, City, County and State Officials
Wake County Need for Industry Positions
Industry or Job Titles Related to training Outcomes for Employment
  • Electrical Inspector
  • Real Estate
  • Planning Departments
  • Home Inspector
  • Electric Utilities
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  • Electrical Troubleshooting Preparation - ELC-3100A1
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Course Contact Information
Vocational Training Department