Esthetics Technology Uniform Policy and Equipment List

Cosmetology is a professional, on-the-job-training course, and all students must maintain a professional appearance and conduct themselves professionally at all times. No exceptions.

  • Solid black uniform pants (2-3 pairs)
  • Solid black uniform shirt, monogrammed (2-3) – monogramming includes first and last names and Esthetics Department
  • Solid black, closed-toe shoes
  • Solid black lab coat, monogrammed (optional)
  • Professional name badge, engraved – engraving includes first and last names and Esthetics Department, and badge must be worn over uniform shirt monogramming at all times until 75 hours have been completed.

No variations are allowed in the uniform or name badge, and the complete black uniform must always be worn in any area of Cosmetology.

All uniform components must be kept neat, clean and in good repair. If a sweater or jacket is necessary for warmth, it must be solid black and monogrammed. Turtlenecks and the like may be worn under uniform tops but must be solid black and professional-looking.

Kit supplies

The Esthetics Kit is required for Esthetics Salon courses (COS 120 and COS 126). All kit items are subject to change.

  • Esthetics Kit Item #21519
  • Glo Professionals Student Make-up Kit #40037


The following book bundle will be required for Esthetics Concepts courses (COS 119 and COS 125). All books listed are subject to change.

  • Pivot Point Book Bundle: Salon Fundamentals Esthetics: Textbook, Study Guide, Exam Review
  • A Guide to Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels by Patricia Spencer 

Kit, books and uniforms may be purchased at the Wake Tech Bookstore.

Students who have questions may contact the head of the Cosmetology Department.