*Please note that all costs are estimates and subject to change. Tuition is established by the State Board of Community Colleges and the North Carolina General Assembly and is subject to change without notice.

Tuition and fees (paid to Wake Tech)

Item Cost/student
Tuition (Tuition Information)
Student activity fee (per semester) $35
Computer technology fee (per semester) $48
Campus access fee (per semester / Summer $25) $85
Professional liability insurance (3 terms x $6/term) Note: Mandatory for Health Sciences students $18
Textbooks and supplies (Fall term: $700; Spring term: $1,200) $1,900
Graduation fee/regalia purchase $100
Barrier gown, safety glasses (2 pairs), utility gloves, name pins (2) and uniforms (3 pairs) ~$400
Black clinic shoes (leather) $100
  • Spring semester clinical rotations
  • UNC School of Dentistry¬†
  • Travel (fuel and parking)
Option of FREE park-and-ride available

Summer term clinical rotations: Private practice in surrounding counties (estimated fuel costs) $120
American Dental Assistants Association student membership $45
CPR class $75
Physical examination (costs vary depending on immunizations/titers) $200
Hepatitis B vaccine/titer $180
Dental Assisting National Board (certification) $810
Dental kit (XCP, Typodont, instruments, etc.) ~$1,000
CastleBranch access $35
UNC-SOD CBC testing $100
Face shield $100