IT Service and Support Degrees & Pathways

AAS - Associate in Applied Science program (WT Course ID #: A25590IS)

The Information Technology Technical Support curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for employment with organizations that use computers to process, manage, and communicate information. This is a flexible program, designed to meet community information system’s needs.

Course work includes computer systems terminology and operations, logic, operating systems, database, data communications/networking, and related business topics. Studies will provide experience for students to implement, support, and customize industry-standard information systems.

Graduates should qualify for a wide variety of computer-related, entry-level positions that provide opportunities for advancement with increasing experience and ongoing training. Duties may include systems maintenance and troubleshooting, support and training, and Security related help desk and support responsibilities.

Certificates program (WT Course ID #: C25590HW)

This certificate is designed for individuals interested in acquiring advanced technical skills and knowledge to maintain and repair personal computers. Students gain skills in buying parts, upgrading, building, and configuring personal computers. Major hands-on topics include documentation, troubleshooting techniques, PC architectures, disk drives and peripheral cards, memory management, and communications devices.

This certificate is designed to prepare the student for A+ certification. A program prerequisite if CTI-120 is required.

Certificates program (WT Course ID #: C25590PM)

The IT Project Management Certificate is designed to give students entry-level skills in IT project planning and coordination, as well as IT project management. Students will learn about the place information technology has in the modern business infrastructure, as well as networking concepts, IT security fundamentals and systems analysis. Students will also learn the Project Management Professional (PMP) framework and risk analysis. Successful students will be prepared to move into entry-level roles as project coordinators on IT development projects.

Certificates program (WT Course ID #: C25590IS)

This certificate will teach students the entry-level industry knowledge and customer handling skills to transition into an entry-level job in the IT support industry.