Engineering Advising

The courses you choose will depend on the four-year college or university to which you plan to transfer, and the specific field of engineering you have chosen for study.  Your degree, the Associate in Engineering, will include the Universal General Education Transfer Courses (UGETC) and the engineering courses that are specific to your major at the university you plan to attend.

There are currently several ways to receive advising for the AE program from your Wake Tech Engineering Department.

  1. If you are a first semester student, welcome! You will have to first meet with an Academic Advisor through Student Services:

  2. It is highly recommended you take EGR-150 in your first semester. Your EGR-150 instructor will help you plan your degree semester-by-semester during the course.

  3. You can send an email to [email protected] to arrange a one-on-one meeting. Please use and monitor your Wake Tech student email account for scheduling an appointment.

With your request, please list:

  • Your name and student ID

  • Two options of day of week and time preferences according to the current available advising schedule posted under Announcements of Engineering Majors in Blackboard. Appointments have a 30 minutes duration.

  • Topics to be discussed with the Advisor