Engineering Advising Tools

The courses you choose will depend on the four-year college or university to which you plan to transfer, and the specific field of engineering you have chosen for study.  Your degree, the Associate in Engineering, will include the Universal General Education Transfer Courses (UGETC) and the engineering courses that are specific to your major at the university you plan to attend.

Your advisors, who are engineering faculty, can assist you in planning your coursework at Engineering Advising for Student Transfer (EAST) sessions. Engineering advising documents are also available to help you choose the courses you need to take, including transfer GPAs, fields of engineering offered at different universities, and a sample semester-by-semester plan of study. Additional courses required by the universities may be taken at Wake Tech, to prepare for transfer.

Engineering Advising Documents:

There are specific University Engineering major semester planning guides that outline Community College to North Carolina Engineering University equivalent coursework. This equivalent coursework shows the courses students will take at Wake Tech on a white background, with the courses that must be taken at the university shaded.

Transferrable Courses