Test Tips for Online Classes

Blackboard Mobile Learn App

Although the Blackboard Mobile Learn App is a convenient way to connect to an online course, be aware that the smallest signal interruption can sever the connection to a test in Blackboard. In addition, assignments, collaboration tools and flash-based content or videos may not work well with a mobile device.

Tips for taking online tests and quizzes

  • Reboot your computer before the test, particularly if it has been running for a while. This will free memory resources and provide a fresh connection to Blackboard.
  • Close other browser windows or programs before starting the test and maximize the test window. Do not minimize the window during the test.
  • Do not refresh the page, close the window or use the browser's back button while taking an exam or quiz.
  • Do not open the exam or quiz in more than one browser window at a time or in different browsers. In most cases, Blackboard will automatically submit the assignment because it is registering more than one attempt on the exam or quiz.
  • Single-click exam links – never double-click. Double-clicking will lock you out of an exam.
  • If a "Save" button is available, click it periodically in case problems occur during the test.
  • Select the "Submit" button only once when completing the exam or quiz.
  • Never wait until the last possible moment to start an exam. If an instructor schedules two days for your exam, plan to take the exam early on the first day it is available. If something goes wrong, you have time to contact technical support and your instructor.
  • Email your instructor immediately if you have a problem with a quiz or exam. Be sure to send screenshots of any issues.