Computer Settings for Online Classes

Turn off pop-up blockers

You have the option to disable any pop-up ad blocker programs installed on your system. Pop-up blocker applications work in the background while you browse the internet. When they detect a pop-up window that may be an unwanted advertisement, they automatically close the window. This functionality can prevent you from seeing and/or downloading files in Blackboard.

Pop-up blockers may be installed as part of a browser toolbar, as part of your browser, as part of your virus protection software or even as a separate program.

Generally, you have a choice of disabling the pop-up blocker entirely or enabling trusted sites. The process varies depending on the configuration of your computer, antivirus and browser.

File-naming conventions

When placing files into Blackboard as a discussion board attachment, email attachment, course materials link or an assignment attachment, it is important to name the files properly before attaching them. Below are a few file-naming conventions that should be followed. File names should not be longer than 32 characters including the file extension (.doc).


  • Dog.doc
  • theDogRan.doc
  • thedogran.doc
  • Dog1.doc
  • Dog_1.doc


  • dog ran.doc
  • dog-ran.doc
  • dog&ran.doc
  • Dog#1.doc
  • dog/ran.doc
  • dog.ran.doc
  • the dog ran over the fence across the field.doc