Mathematics & Physics Registration

Mathematics, physics and astronomy courses are available through Self-Service registration. To determine the math courses needed for a degree (AA, AS or AAS), view the flowchart of courses or talk with an advisor to discuss the best course of study.

NOTE: Take action if you attempted to register for a math or physics class and received one of the following alerts:

  • The prerequisites are partially complete.
    Earned credit for MAT 161 College Algebra with grades of C or higher serve as the needed prerequisite for MAT 263, PHY 151 and CHM 151. If a student who has passed MAT 161 with a C or higher is getting a registration block, contact an advisor or the department head for assistance.
  • The course you want is not listed.
    These courses are no longer offered: MAT 115, MAT 140, MAT 151, MAT 161 and MAT 165. The following list details new math courses, along with the necessary pre-requisites. Note that the prerequisites listed are the minimum needed. Credits earned for higher-numbered MAT or ENG courses will cover the listed minimum prerequisites.
    • MAT 001P Math Study Skills, optional co-requisite for MAT 171 Precalculus Algebra
    • MAT 143 Quantitative Literacy, AA-transfer and AAS per planning guides, with prerequisites DMA 010-050 and DRE 098
    • MAT 152 Statistical Methods I , AA-AS-transfer, with prerequisites DMA 010-050 and DRE 098 
  • The class is restricted to a certain major.
    Certain classes are restricted during pre-registration to give students who need the class to complete a degree the first opportunity to register. In addition, some classes are restricted by majors to help ensure that students sign up for the correct classes that will lead to their desired degree. If you believe this restricted course is required for your goals, please see the department head to obtain Registration Override Request Form (Form #895) to allow you to register. It must be signed by the department head or a designee. Before asking for the form, be sure you have the proper prerequisites for the course and choose the section into which you want to enroll. Be certain there are no time conflicts with other classes in which you have enrolled. You can obtain the form on campus from student services or in the Math Department (TE101).
  • The class is full.
    Continue to check WebAdvisor frequently to see if someone who is registered drops the course or is purged for non-payment. Math and physics classes usually do fill up, and they are normally capped according to the number of seats that the room will hold. The waiting list on WebAdvisor is a fair approach seeking to serve all students with our limited resources.