COVID-19 Protocols for Reporting Positive Student Cases


  • Informs instructor of positive test results

Faculty Member

  • Sends an email to [email protected] to report positive case and close contact and copies his/her supervisor and department head or director

Department Head/Director

  • Notifies leadership including deans, provosts and/or chief campus officers
  • Collaborates with contract tracers to determine if seated/hybrid classes are to be moved to online synchronous

HR- Contact Tracer

  • Receives notification of a positive report which may come from the student or instructor etc.
  • Sends the student the reporting form to capture all salient information including close contact information
  • Contacts the close contacts to determine their vaccination status. Tracers will follow the college’s COVID-19 Campus Exposure Procedure based on CDC and NC DHHS recommendations.
  • Notifies the instructor of the student’s status
  • Pulls the student’s class roster and notifies all of his/her instructors
  • Notifies the instructor of any close contacts that must remain home
  • Follows up with the student to either release back to campus or continue isolation. If the student (or direct contact) meets the CDC guidelines to return, they are released back to campus
  • Notifies the instructor that the student has been released to return to campus or if they must remain off campus
  • Provides health department with the names of all students for additional tracing
  • Coordinates sanitization of spaces if needed