Wake Invests in Women Career Guides Mentorship Program

The Wake Invests in Women (WIIW) Career Guides Mentorship Program creates opportunities for students to enhance their professional development and jump-start their careers by connecting them with an experienced Career Guide for one-on-one mentorship. Career Guides will help their mentees in the following ways:

  • Develop and maintain a professional mentoring relationship
  • Enhance communication and networking skills
  • Build confidence in setting and achieving goals
  • Improve decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Gain exposure to new perspectives and career possibilities
  • Practice new skills at the WIIW Networking Event

Wake Tech students: Gain a career advantage

Are you looking to enhance your professional development and increase your networking skills? Join the WIIW Career Guides Mentor Program and connect with career professionals in Wake County and the Triangle region. The program is open to all students, with a focus on female-identified and gender-non-conforming students and Black and Latina women at Wake Tech.

**Spring 2023 applications are closed.**

Wake County professionals: Become a WIIW Career Guide mentor

We are looking for career professionals of all genders and experience levels with an interest in coaching and mentoring Wake Tech students, with a focus on historically underserved populations. As a Career Guide, you have the opportunity to support and empower your student mentee and help them reach their professional goals.

Career Guides will do the following:

  • Demonstrate qualities successful leaders possess
  • Help their student(s) set and make progress on actionable career goals
  • Offer perspective, advice and constructive feedback
  • Provide opportunities for student(s) to increase skills in key career competencies
  • Connect students with a professional network

**Spring 2023 applications are closed.**

Student participation details

Program requirements

  • Participate in Career Guides Program orientation (January)
  • Meet one-on-one in person or virtually with your Career Guide monthly (February, March, April). Once a month is the minimum requirement, but more contact is encouraged.
  • Participate in at least one professional development opportunity over the course of the semester, such as these options:
    • Discussion sessions hosted by WIIW
    • Career Services programs
    • WIIW Networking Event (April)

Student eligibility

  • Participants must be currently enrolled in a Wake Tech program
  • No GPA requirement
  • Previous leadership experience not required

Benefits of completion

  • Receive WIIW swag at end of semester

Mentor requirements

Time commitment

Approximately five to 10 hours over the course of the Spring 2023 semester (January-April)

Participation expectations

  • Participate in Career Guide mentor orientation (January)
  • Engage regularly with assigned student(s) one-on-one in person or via Microsoft Teams. One meeting monthly at minimum, but more engagement is encouraged.
    • One-on-one discussion guides provided
    • Topics include Communication and Networking, Self-Confidence and Resilience and Actionable Goal Setting
  • Participate in the WIIW Networking session (April), which provides students an opportunity to practice what they have worked on during the semester

Benefits of completion

  • Receive WIIW swag at end of semester