Success Stories

For more than 50 years, Wake Tech has changed the lives of thousands of people – helped them uncover hidden talents, start bold ventures, realize dreams and, sometimes, do the impossible. 

Each transformation is compelling, each story worth sharing – and Wake Tech students and alumni love sharing them! Take a look at some of their unique and inspiring stories.

Mekiyah Dove-Harris

Family Recipe

Mekiyah  Dove-Harris - Class of 2022

"I really do love baking!"

Max Verplank

A Cool New Career

Max Verplank - Class of 2022

"The instructors at Wake Tech are great! A lot of them have businesses on the side, and they teach us everything we need to know."

Erin Ellison

A Great Start

Erin  Ellison - Class of 2022

"Wake Tech is a great place to get your start in your education."

Khadijah Scarborough

A Bright Future in Nursing

Khadijah Scarborough - Class of 2022

"Wake Tech is more than just a college. ... It is a loving, caring and supportive family." 

Rachel Bramble

A Door of Opportunity

Rachel  Bramble - Class of 2020

"Wake Tech's CCP program gave me a lot of opportunities that I wasn't expecting but am very grateful for. It opened the door to where I am now."

Juliana Grimm

ROTC Ready

Juliana  Grimm

"Wake Tech instructors have a combination of both academic and work experience, which allows for both perspectives in classroom instruction."

Isabella Hernandez

Life-Changing Support

Isabella Hernandez - Class of 2022

"The ILC was a major factor to my success. I’m so grateful for the support and encouragement I received."