A Glimpse At Your Impact: 2019-2020


  • Spent in Student Support: $1.38M 
  • Spent in Instruction Support: $2.35M 
  • Received in Cash Contributions: $4M
  • Received in in-kind donations, investments and special events: $3.2M
  • Overall fundraising: $7.2M


Endowment as of June 30, 2020: 87 individual funds totaling approximately $7.7M

  • Endowment earnings distributed in 2019-20: $85,000
  • Endowed and Board Designated: $9.13M


Wake Tech students, like Kristin, achieve their dreams with a little help from friends like YOU!

"This scholarship means so much to me & helps allow me to continue on the path to refine & hone my education. I am so grateful & thankful for this gift, I cried tears of joy when I received the news I had been chosen. I am 43 years old & have returned to school to pursue an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Advertising & Graphic Design as well as an Associate of Science Degree with a focus on the environment and sustainability. Thank you so much again for your generosity & for this opportunity to achieve my goals."

- Kristin M. - Scholarship Recipient