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A Discussion About Sojourner Truth & Frederick Douglass (Part 2)

Featuring Lynnette Barber & Nathan Richardson

Please join the conversation, as Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth are depicted by Nathan Richardson and Lynette Barber on the Michael Eure Show. Meetings between the two will be explored, as well as, their work with the Freedman's Bureau during Reconstruction in the United States.

Published on:Dec. 01, 2020

Episode Guests

Lynette Barber

Lynette Barber is an actor, singer, musician, and teacher who has done several reenactments of Sojourner Truth to tell her story.

Nathan Richardson

Nathan M. Richardson is a published author, performance poet and Frederick Douglass Historian. His poetry collections include "Likeness of Being", "Twenty-one Imaginary T-shirts" and "Voices from the Wombs of Wisdom." He is now in the 6th year of The Frederick Douglass Speaking Tour a living history performance in which he captures completely the physical and spiritual essence of writer, orator and abolitionist Frederick Douglass, a formerly enslaved person.

Episode Notes

This episode was streamed July 30, 2020.