Maintaining F-1 Status

  • Register and maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours every Fall and Spring semester. Only one online course is permitted per 12 to 14 credit hours per semester. English as a Foreign Language classes cannot be taken online.
  • Withdrawing from a class – a grade of "W," "WP" or "WF" – does not count towards the minimum of 12 credit hours. If you have difficulty with this requirement, you must meet with the international student coordinator to discuss your situation before you withdraw from a class. F-1 visa status has no provision for part-time study.
  • Approval is needed by the international student coordinator to retake a class or make changes to your program of study.
  • Know the expiration dates of your I-20, visa and passport. Your I-20 can be extended or changed by the international student coordinator. Your visa can be renewed only at a consulate or embassy in your home country. Your passport can be renewed in the U.S. by your home country embassy.
  • Do not work without authorization. Work authorization for F-1 students is very limited.
  • Keep the International Student Office notified of any changes in your mailing address, phone number, visa status or enrollment status within 10 days.

It is always best to check with the international student coordinator if you have questions about immigration or visa status issues.