Study Groups

  • Are you interested in leading/co-leading or just joining a study group for a particular course?
  • Do you want to increase your involvement and performance in a course?
  • Do you want to stand out on your transfer applications?

If you answered yes, the Wake Tech Service-Learning Program may be for you. The Service-Learning Program is open to all Wake Tech students.

What does a Service-Learning study group leader/co-leader do?

  • Lead/co-lead a weekly study group in a course (which you are currently taking or an approved prerequisite course) for at least 10 hours throughout the semester.
  • Complete a reflection in which you communicate specific examples of how group discussions related to your own learning of course objectives (the reflection activity can be in the form of journal entries, a paper, video or PowerPoint)
  • Meet with your study group in a Campus Success Center, campus library or virtually.

Benefits of participation

  • Receive official notation on your college transcript for having completed Service Learning-designated course(s)
  • Gain an edge in transferring to competitive colleges and universities
  • Assume a leadership role 

Ready to get involved (even as a group member)?

Contact your course instructor or Service-Learning Program Coordinator Wendy Johnson 919-335-1306 or [email protected].