Career Transitions Forum Testimonials

"I've enjoyed your facilitation of the CTF program over the past few months. The variety of topics presented by the local subject matter experts you engaged was excellent - I always learned something new and took plenty of screen grab images from each presentation to reinforce that learning. CTF definitely pushed me to re-evaluate, refine and practice my elevator pitch, as well as refinements to my resume and LinkedIn profile.

I will miss the camaraderie and learning from each other at the CTF sessions, and I hope that it won't be too long before each of my fellow job seekers moves on to their next great success. Keep up the great work, Deb!"

 - KL, CTF Alumni

"I have accepted an offer from Cisco as a Marketing Manager in their Enterprise Networking group. You can say that “networking” will be my job and not only a means for career advancement!

I am really thankful to you and other leaders and participants of Career Transition Forum group for their tremendous support, encouragement, willingness to help, opening Rolodexes and insights into the modern hiring process. I truly learned from the wonderful speakers you invited, and insights into the modern hiring process. I truly learned from the wonderful speakers you invited, and from others’ experiences.

I am happy to extend help to anyone in the group to the extent I can."

 - Vivek B., CTF Alumni

Today, I landed a permanent position at IAT Insurance as a Technical Project Manager/Process & Change Manager.  I am really excited!  It's truly a dream job for me where I will use all of my certifications. I could not have done it without your support and advice! Especially these 2 simple steps that REALLY made me a stand-out candidate:

  1. Networked with employed people in my field (which led to a friendship with an IAT IT staff member --> which led to my sincere interest in IAT --> which led to a referral!)
  2. Shared stories about specific technical projects I managed that are directly related to projects that IAT is planning to undertake now. 

- Elizabeth R., CTF Alumni