Accounting Certification

Industry-recognized credential(s): American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers Certification

The course prepares participants to pass the Certified Bookkeeper professional certification and helps students demonstrate proven ability to provide accurate financial statements and tax returns, correctly perform monthly bank reconciliation, maximize depreciation, record and cost out merchandise inventory, and avoid costly losses from fraud and theft.

Complete in: 3 month or less

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IT Certifications

Industry Recognized Credential

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Bookkeeping: Intuit QuickBooks Certified User OnlineACC-3150F21 available classes
Participants with little to no familiarity with QuickBooks will become proficient in using the Intuit accounting software. Course topics will begin with bookkeeping basics and progress to activities using QuickBooks Online, such as administration, transactions, journal entri...
Certified Bookkeeper AIPB Using Intuit QuickBooks OnlineACC-3107B1
Individuals with functional bookkeeping skills or those who have finished a basic accounting or bookkeeping course will be prepared to become nationally Certified Bookkeepers, as recognized by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB). Participants will apply...
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