Nurse Aide I Requirements

  • Advanced English language skills

  • Access to a computer with internet service and the ability to access and use Moodle
    Students will need to use Chrome or Firefox web browsers to access Moodle, as Internet Explorer is not supported.

  • Before or after you register for your Nurse Aide class, submit and pay for your criminal background check, drug test and medical documentation manager with CastleBranch ($116.00). Select "Nurse Aide" and order package code WM83. Once your account is set up with CastleBranch, they will send you a message explaining where you need to submit your urine sample a minimum of 30 days before your class goes to clinical.

The Following Clinical Paperwork Copies Must Be Uploaded To CastleBranch (other than noted below) Prior To The Clinical Paperwork Deadline For Your Class:

  • (Copy given to instructor) A valid Social Security non-laminated card with signature

  • (Copy given to instructor) A second official signature bearing US government issued ID with the name matching the Social Security Card

  • Flu shot for classes with clinical dates between October 15 and April 30

  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support CPR for HCP certification

  • Health Insurance

  • A copy of your Wake Tech photo ID

  • A completed physical using our Health Sciences Student Medical Form (This form can be downloaded and printed from CastleBranch). You will fill out part of this form and your doctor will fill out the rest of the form.

  • Proof of immunizations:

    • TDAP within last 10 years
    • 2 MMR or proof of immunity (CDC requires 28 days between vaccines)
    • 2 Varicella or proof of immunity (CDC requires 28 days between vaccines)
    • 2 Negative PPD (TB) within the past 12 months. The last test must be within 1 year of the last day of the class. We will accept the QuantiFERON Gold TB Blood Test.
    • 3 Hepatitis B or sign decline waiver 
    • COVID-19 vaccination(s)

Consistent with their value to do zero harm to patients and staff, several of our clinical affiliates announced a mandatory mandate requiring all of employees, team members, providers, volunteers, students/learners, residents, those who are job shadowing, and temporary employees receive and show documentation of their completed COVID-19 vaccination(s) by 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021 or before your clinical prep date.

All Health Science Programs comply with all policies, procedures, and guidelines at all clinical agencies affiliated with the College.  Therefore, all clinical students, faculty and staff must comply and show proof of vaccination by September 21, 2021 or before your clinical prep date.  All students must upload proof of vaccination in our secure location (CastleBranch). 

Although clinical affiliates may offer a limited medical and religious exemption to their employees, it is not known if this will be considered for Wake Tech Community College’s students, faculty, and staff. 

Please note:  Because clinical agencies have mandated that students, faculty and staff provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to participate in clinical. If a student is denied access to any clinical agency, the student will not be allowed to progress in the health science program and will be withdrawn from the program.   Please be advised that all Health Science students must maintain all health, immunization, and vaccine requirements to be eligible to participate in clinical.

Nurse Aide I Costs

  1. Tuition: The registration fee is $250.This includes tuition fee, malpractice and accidental insurance fees, lab supply fee, and a Campus Access Fee that includes your parking decal.
  2. The criminal background check, drug test and medical documentation manager $116.00 need to be submitted and paid to CastleBranch before or after you register for your Nurse Aide class. CastleBranch will tell you where to submit your urine sample a minimum of 30 days before your class goes to clinical.
  3. Any classes going to WakeMed for clinical will require a rotation manger fee of $12.99-$18.97 due after the final exam.
  4. The Parking Decal Fee is now included in your tuition in the Campus Access Fee. You can obtain your parking decal and Wake Tech ID before or on the first day of class.
  5. American Heart Association Basic Life Support CPR for HCP Certification is required. Wake Technical Community College offers this CPR certification for $75. (See Wake Tech’s CPR class schedule)
  6. Physical using our health form and immunizations:  Price will vary based on doctor fees and insurance. Please see the clinical paperwork deadline for your class and allow enough time if you need immunizations.
  7. Uniform:  Price will vary depending on the place of purchase. Dark navy blue plain scrubs and closed toe, closed heel black non-canvas shoes and black ankle socks are required for clinical (black sneakers are accepted). You will need to wear scrubs for clinical and dress modestly for class and lab.
  8. Other costs:  Stethoscope and a watch with a second-hand.
  9. NNAAP: $140 (effective 2/1/21) State competency exam, taken after the NAI class. (Please register at

Registration if under 18 years old

It is recommended by the NC Board of Nursing and the NC Division of Health Service Regulation that students must be at least 16 1/2  years old to register for a Nurse Aide I class. Students under 18 years old are not eligible to register and pay for a Nurse Aide class online. Please contact the Nurse Aide email at [email protected] or 919-747-0120 for information about how to register.

Registration with a scholarship or sponsorship

If you have been awarded a scholarship or sponsorship to fund the registration cost of your Nurse Aide I class,  please contact Stephanie Johnson Career Pathways Coach at [email protected].

Class withdrawal/transfer policy 

Students may withdraw and receive:

  • 100% refund if the student officially withdraws from the class (by written request) before the first class meeting.
  • 75% refund if the student officially withdraws from the class (by written request) on or before the 10-percent date of scheduled hours. Community school, facility, and lab fees are non-refundable.
  • A full refund for classes canceled by the college. Students do not have to request these refunds.

To submit a withdrawal request, log in to Wake Tech's website.

Transfers depend on space in the new class and both classes cannot be past their census (10%) date. In order to transfer to another section, you must email your full name, Wake Tech ID number, section number of the class, your phone number and mailing address to [email protected].

Learn more about Wake Tech's Workforce Continuing Education class refund policy.

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