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The Associate in Fine Arts (AFA) in Visual Arts is a university transfer degree designed to prepare students for a bachelor’s degree in the art field and for professional practice in the arts.  It is appropriate for a Bachelor of Art (B.A.), Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A), or career exploration in a variety of art and design fields, including but not limited to; studio art, graphic design, digital design, illustration, education, art history, and museum studies.

The Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts (AFA-Visual Arts) degree at Wake Tech is a 60-credit hour minimum program with a planned Program of Study.  The AFA degree program includes 25 – 26 credit hours of Universal General Education Courses (UGETC), 15 credits of transferable ART courses and an additional 18 -19 credits of elective classes, which can include ART electives or additional general education courses. ACA-122 College Transfer Success is a university transfer course required by the degree, which allows students to explore career and transfer options and is recommended to take within the first semester of study.  As part of the 15 credits of transferable ART courses, full-time AFA students should plan to take all CORE Studio Art classes with-in their first year, or within several semesters if part-time.

New AFA-Visual Arts students should follow the AFA-Visual Arts Suggested Course Sequence[MA1]  if they plan to complete their degree in two years of full-time study. The following classes are recommended classes to take for the first semester or within the first two semesters of the AFA for full-time students.  Students, who are attending part-time, may spread out these classes over several semesters.

Classes to select for the first semester (or first several semesters if part-time):

  • ACA 122 College Transfer Success -  1 credit hour
  • English: ENG 111: Writing and Inquiry - 3 credit hours
  • Math (3 or 4 credit hours): MAT 143: Quantitative Literacy, MAT 152: Statistical Methods I, or MAT-171: Pre-calculus Algebra

Required ART course are as follow. Students are advised to take them prior to an elective Art class.

Choose one per semester (114 and 115 can be taken in any order)

  • Art 114: Survey of Art History I - 3 credit hours
  • Art 115: Survey of Art History II - 3 credit hours

Choose one or two per semester (ART studio classes meet for 6 contact hours)

  • Art 121:  Two-Dimensional Design - 3 credit hours
  • Art 131: Drawing I - 3 credit hours
  • Art 122: Three-Dimensional Design - 3 credit hours

Studio Art classes can help students build art skills for career and transfer.  In addition to CORE Art classes, a variety of elective studio and art history classes are offered, to allow a student to explore media and concepts in art and further develop their art practice. See Course Descriptions for descriptions of all AFA classes.  Students will need artworks for their portfolio for successful transfer to a B.F.A. program.  Taking a studio art class each semester is important for creative development and for portfolio work development.  ART-214 Portfolio and Resume is a 1 credit hour course intended for students to take in their final year to develop presentation and career skills.

Students should use the AFA checklist as a reference for determining AFA degree requirements.

Prospective AFA Students:

Students planning to enter Wake Tech as a Visual Arts major should visit the Admissions page and be sure to complete all the Steps to Enroll at the College.  Students in their first semester of the AFA program should meet with an Academic Advisor in Student Services to select a program of study and determine placement in Math and English.  If a student has transfer credits from another institution, please submit your transcript to Wake Tech as part of your Steps to Admissions.  AP Art courses are not accepted for studio art credit.  Students in the AFA in Visual Arts program have priority registration for all ART studio courses and selected sections of Survey of Art History.  Be sure to register prior to the priority deadline.


After the first semester, AFA students meet with a Faculty Advisor who can help students with AFA degree and art-related questions. After the first semester, an Advising Hold is added to remind the student to seek advising. The AFA Faculty Advisor can remove this hold. Students are expected to meet with an AFA Faculty Advisor once per academic year, preferably in-person.  To set up a meeting, please contact AFA Faculty Advisor:  [email protected].  Advising meetings can be used to choose courses, plan for transfer, explore career options and better understand degree requirements.

Bachelors in Fine Arts (B.F.A) Links

Wake Tech AFA Visual Arts students should follow the recommended curriculum guide in selecting courses to graduate from Wake Technical Community College. Please be advised that Wake Tech Community College does not offer every course listed in the catalogue. If this is the case, we recommend that students contact their intended transfer school for specific guidance.

Learning about transfer admissions and Bachelor in Fine Arts requirements at four-year universities is essential to student success. Students intending to transfer to a 4-year university should thoroughly research the specific B.F.A requirements applicable to their program of choice.