Dental Hygiene Job Postings

Potential employers may post a job opening ad free on Handshake. Postings may be for dental hygienists, dental assistants, front desk, etc., on this site.

Dental Hygiene also has a closed alumni Facebook page where the administrator posts job openings for all alumni who have access to Facebook. If you wish to place an opening on this page, email the job posting to [email protected]

In addition, as part of our Professional Development course each spring, we host an Employer Engagement Fair where potential employers meet with our graduating class. Employers are invited to set up a table where students rotate through and learn about employment opportunities.

With the number of requests received, we are unable to schedule individual lunch-and-learns or utilize class time, but we are willing to share presentations, fliers, emails, etc., with our students. If you are able to provide a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over, we will share it with our students.

For more information, email Department Head Brenda Maddox at [email protected].