Dental Assisting Program Mission

The mission of the Dental Assisting program at Wake Technical Community College is to provide students with job entry skills and knowledge so they may successfully find employment, obtain professional credentials, perform dental community service and have a solid foundation for continuing growth. To achieve this goal, the Dental Assisting Department has specific goals for their students. These goals include:

  • To prepare students for employment as Dental Assistants who:
    • Demonstrate a sound grasp of basic skills and knowledge related to dentistry.
    • Effectively apply oral and written communication skills.
    • Utilize a positive manner in the application of psychology to human behavior in the dental setting.
    • Achieve clinical competency.
    • Value their role as members of the dental team.
    • Regard quality patient care as a first priority.
    • Have a practical opportunity to assist dentists in public health, dental school, hospital and private practice settings.
    • Demonstrate maturity and self-direction while functioning effectively as integral members of the dental health team.
  • To provide dentist employers with an employment pool of graduates who perform at a Dental Assistant II entry level.
  • To maintain active, vigorous liaison with the state and local dental and dental assisting professional associations.
  • To place graduates in the best possible work environment upon completion of the program.
  • To earn a reputation for excellence in teaching and professionalism.
  • To assist students who elect to take the DANB in preparation for becoming a Certified Dental Assistant.