The department upholds the student code of conduct. In addition, the department maintains the following internal policies:


Effective April 2014

The Business Analytics Department follows the College audit policy while adhering to the following stipulations.

The mid-point of the term is defined as either (1) 50% of the class based on calendar date (up to but not including final exam dates); or (2) up to the midterm exam, whichever comes first. In addition, when a student elects to audit a Business Analytics course, before or after the last day to add but before the mid-point, the instructor must also have the student sign a memorandum of understanding indicating the student has read the terms of the audit policy and terms of the course audit.

Expectations of participation, access to course materials, instructor feedback, and attendance are clearly stated below. The policy with regard to attendance is as follows:

Student name will be required to adhere to the attendance policy for this course. Violation of this attendance policy will result in a grade of “W” if the violation occurs before the 60% point (date of last day to withdraw w/o penalty) and a grade of “WF” if the policy is violated after the 60% point (date of last date to withdraw w/o penalty.) A grade of “WF” is calculated in the GPA as an “F.” The “WP” grade will not be available to students who wish to audit departmental courses.

Attendance is defined as attending scheduled on-campus classes in hybrid and seated sections for the entirety of the scheduled time. Online class sections will require a weekly email update to the instructor detailing what course materials were accessed that week. The email will be due by an instructor prescribed date and time each week. Failure to adhere to the attendance policy will result in automatic application of a W or WF as defined above.

The Business Analytics Department interprets the “60% point” of the term to be the date of the last day to withdraw without penalty for a given semester as stated in the academic calendar.

Students will not be permitted to complete graded assignments or assessments of any kind. In online and hybrid courses, students will have access to content materials only and will not access graded assignments or assessments. Students will not expect instructor feedback regarding course work. Attempts to solicit assignments or assessments, either virtually or by request of other students, will result in automatic withdrawal from the class.