Online Information session instructions

The online information session is available 24/7. You do not need a reservation. The session must be completed before making an appointment with an Admissions and Academic Advisor.

You can complete the Radiography information session online by following the steps below.

  1. View the entire Radiography information session here (it will be a YouTube video).  Please note that there have been clinical admissions changes since the recording of the Radiography information session.  The updates are listed in the packet linked in Step 3 below.
  2. Complete the Quiz of Understanding here. You will need to get a 96/96 score in order to get credit for completing the session.  The quiz has unlimited attempts.
  3. Please make sure to print out the Radiography information session packet and to carefully read the point award update on page 4 of the packet.  
  4. Email [email protected] that you have completed all three steps above.


Please note there are NO seated information sessions. You have to complete the information session online.

Seated Information session instructions

Sorry - no Radiography sessions currently available.

To check or cancel your existing reservation, complete the following:

   Check my reservation
 Cancel my reservation